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Commitment to radical storytelling.

Directing, producing, writing, consulting, and more. My services are varied to ensure I’m working well with each client to meet their needs. I’m an independent filmmaker with passion for creating comedies, documentaries, and commercial/corporate video to help brands tell their stories effectively. I also offer film festival strategy sessions with content creators looking to break into the world of independent film.



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When Savannah joined our team as a producer, it was truly a turning point for ‘Out Here In Kansas.’ She organized important shoots. Her production notes were invaluable. Most important, she ultimately helped shape the story into a documentary that the entire team will be proud of forever. Savannah’s connections in the film world helped us screen at numerous festivals we wouldn’t have gotten into otherwise, and she continues to be a champion for ‘Out Here In Kansas’ to this day.
What truly blows me away about Savannah is how prolific and professional she is at such a young age. I love her movies and I cannot imagine how deeply her energy and ideas will impact the filmmaking industry for many years to come.
— ADAM KNAPP, Director of "Out Here in Kansas"



Queen for a Day

  • American pavilion emerging filmmaker showcase at the Cannes film festival

  • Etowah film festival

  • Mayday Film Festival

About Me

I’m SAvannah Rodgers.

I’m a narrative and documentary filmmaker, writer, podcaster, film festival programmer, self-appointed Full House historian, and an aspiring skateboarder. I’m open to working in virtually any medium of film and video production. I love how collaborative filmmaking is, so I love working with clients. If you have video needs in Los Angeles, New York, or Kansas City, let’s see what magic we can create together.