Wow, I Suck At Blogging

It's not like anyone was eagerly awaiting my next blog post, but it's still nice to just write on here for my own sanity. So, hi.


So, 2016 has been pretty dope so far. Back in January, I went to Park City to promote Sketches, a short film I directed. It got into the Slamdance Digital Bolex Fearless Filmmaking block, so that was cool. There were a lot of neat things there and I learned a lot, all for the better. Seriously, thanks to Matt and Ashlee Jacobson for showing me around Sundance and Slamdance this year. It would have been overwhelming as heck to go by myself. 

I've actually been to a couple of great fests this year: Slamdance, Sundance, True/False, and I'll be attending some later in the year I'm sure. Politically Correct has played at a few festivals this year, including Kansas City FilmFest (along with Sketches). We even walked away with some awards, which was a pleasant surprise. A lot of great things have been happening and I couldn't be more grateful. Honestly, I'm living the life for a college junior.

Right now I'm deep in preproduction for a short film called Project 785. Despite getting some great grants and some prize money from festivals, I'm probably going to have to crowdfund a little, JSYK. I'm really sorry in advance. I co-wrote the short screenplay version with Eric Havens, who is doing a really cool thing you should look at. We're really stoked about it. It's like a gay 12 Monkeys. Does that grab your attention? Maybe. Pls love us

I'm also working on a few other projects. I may be living in NYC for a bit this summer, so you know, if I'm there I'm probably going to try to direct something. But, you know, permits. Who knows?

Riley and I also finished a TV pilot. We're stoked. We're writing a screenplay now. We're just doing all the things. 

Oh, and Makay and I started writing together again. We co-wrote Politically Correct and we're developing some comedic web series. What an exciting time to be alive.


So, I did a thing. I was really tired of the bored look in people's eyes when I would try to talk to them about Girls, so I made a podcast with some friends about the show. I like it, clearly. So, maybe you will too. We talk about the show for about an hour every week and talk about all the shit we loved. We're all obsessive perfectionists, so we basically talk about how it meets our stupid standards. Just listen to it, okay? We just wrapped our first "season."

Subscribe to Girls Who Like GIRLS on iTunes. Leave us a nice review and we'll read it on the show! Seriously, good reviews help the show. We're also on Facebook and Twitter. And, if you really want to participate, you can send us an email with ideas, responses to stupid shit we say, or whatever you want to We're about it.

Until next time. Also, here are some of the things I've made over the last year. xoxo

Interview with MissCareer/Less!

What a week. Life has been busy while prepping my next short. I've also been doing more client based projects to supplement my income with Professional Amateur Productions. But, you know, that stuff is all boring. 

Here's some cool news! I was interviewed for this kick ass, feminist e-zine called MissCareer/Less. They asked me a bunch of questions about Politically Correct, being a filmmaker, and what my influences are. Pretty cool.

My favorite part is the headline. I didn't know there was a quotable part of the interview, but hey - it's neat.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.32.54 PM.png

If you want a highlight, here is an answer from it:

"We initially made the film for a local competition, and the judges really didn’t like it. I was surprised, but Laura Kirk [the actor who plays Allison] told me something important. It was something like,“Your film is your baby. You think it’s the most special and wonderful baby out there, and some people will think that too. But to everyone else, it’s just a baby.” For the record, I really like our baby. It was my first movie, so there were a lot of mistakes made throughout the process. It’s not perfect, but it’s still funny. The actors are really proud of it and, you know, I have a film out there on the festival circuit now. It’s been a huge first step for me. 

As proud as I am to call this my first film, I know I have a lot more to offer."

Here is a link to the interview in full. Thanks for the interview, MissCareer/Less! Super enjoyable experience. 10/10. Would recommend.

Here's me ruining a video!

Here's a video from Citizen Jane I'm featured in. It's cute, but I completely ruin it. Basically, before Politically Correct screened at the fest, I was hanging out with Meagan Flynn outside the screening venue. The videographer came up to us and asked us to say a few words about how we felt about Citizen Jane. Everyone else gave SUPER amazing answers, and of course I tapped into my colloquial vernacular and said, "kick ass." Oops.

Updates or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Good morning, ladies and gents and other non-gender conforming individuals. Or you could be reading this at a time which is not morning, which is fine, but it's morning for me. So, good morning.

It's Back to the Future day, which for some reason people are losing their minds over. Wonder why. 

Politically Correct will be screening at two festivals this weekend! Exciting!!! It'll be at the Citizen Jane Film Festival AND the Yonkers Film Festival. So, if you're in Missouri or New York, you have the opportunity to see my six minute movie about whiny writers. Honestly, I mean, who wouldn't shell out $50 on festival passes to see that?  We also got into a festival an LGBT festival in Serbia, which is nuts. If I were you, I'd get on planning your international trip for another riveting six minutes of this movie. There are some other things in the works related to PC and to other projects, but I'll keep my mouth shut until things are official.

On a personal level, SUPER BUMMED about not being able to see Kevin Smith's live show this weekend in Kansas City. It's a twenty-one and over show, which they will inevitably card for (understandably so). Anyone who knows me knows Chasing Amy is the reason I got into writing and filmmaking in the first place. They also know I'm a month away from turning twenty-one. I can't imagine this is the last time he'll be back in KC, but again, a bit of a bummer. They say don't meet your heroes, but I'm going to ignore that and try to meet him anyway at SOME POINT just to thank him for creating a stellar film. 

You know, that's the weird thing about being a "fan" of someone. There's automatically this weird rapport established and I don't really like it. I don't like the idea of just admiring someone from afar. It feels creepy. Any time I make a comment I think is hilarious on an actor or filmmaker's picture I'd like to work with some day, I feel like a weirdo (I also think it speaks to the fact that I need the laugh, but that's another topic for another day). Isn't it just weird that we have this culture of putting normal people up on a pedestal because they're involved in media? It's fucking weird.

Thinking about it makes me want to not follow anyone who I don't know in person, but I'm addicted to trying to predict what happens on the next season of Girls via Instagram posts from the cast and crew. For the record: I am never right. They do this amazing thing where they release a sizzle, I try to predict how the season will play out, and it's always so much more horrible [for the characters] than I thought it would be. It drives me crazy, but I wouldn't like it so much if it was predictable. 

Also - NYC was fantastic. Saw the HBO building and swooned a little. What a great network. (Employ me, please.)

Okay, back to work things:

One last thing! I'm looking for writers of color. I can't say a whole lot, but I'm putting together a new project that requires a writer's room. We're looking for diverse voices to ensure we're making the best damn thing possible. If you belong to any other marginalized group and think you could bring something to the table, I'm interested in reading your work as well. It'll be based out of Lawrence, KS, so if you're in Lithuania and somehow stumbled onto my blog, AND you're interested, I can't pay your commute fees. Send specs and samples to

Until next time, folks.

(That's gender neutral and non-specific enough, right?)


Too many updates

I kind of forgot there was a "blog" section to my website. I should probably update this more, given how I created it to track my own progress and see my development as a filmmaker. It's also for my mom, but I digress.

It's been a crazy few months since I last updated. I'm truly lucky to be able to get as much experience as I have so quickly. I've met a ridiculous amount of insanely talented people. I've also met some like-minded film students who have made collaboration easy. I'm grateful for that. 

So, here are the bullet points of what's new:

  • Politically Correct has gotten to play at about fifteen festivals now. That's fucking dope.
  • In post-production for two of my short films, The Generation Gap and Verna.
  • In pre-production for my next short film, Be Brave. Currently trying to find funding for it and stressing over it a bit, but I'm certain it will be all right no matter what.
  • I've worked on a ton of different people's sets and have gotten to learn from some of the best in Kansas City and elsewhere.
  • Professional Amateur Productions has been able to make some cool content. We worked our asses off all summer to get a few gigs that helped make us better filmmakers and videographers. You can check out the videos on my Vimeo channel.
  • I've started saying "no" more. It's not because I'm above anything - because I'm certainly not. It's just for my own sanity.
  • Still the President of KU Filmworks.
  • Started serving on the Board of Director for both Kansas City Women in Film and Television AND the See/Saw Film Festival.
  • Over the weekend, I a produced a film for Beached Whales Productions called Normal Life is in post-production. We made it for the Colchester Film Festival's 60 Hour Film Challenge. It was an insanely great time, even though all of us were/are tired. It's a hilarious short directed by Joe Carey.
  • Aaaand I'm going to New York on Tuesday for romantic endeavors, NYCC, and quality time with my family.

I have some other things in the works, but I'm keeping them on the back burner until I get my ducks in a row with school, with my current projects in post-production, and with Be Brave.

But first, I think a vacation will help.

Politically Correct in the Lawrence Journal-World

Eric Melin of Scene Stealers and the Lawrence Journal-World interviewed me for an article he did on the 1152 Hour Film Festival, this year's event at the Wild West Film Festival. For those of you who may not know, I entered into Wild West this year and created a comedy short film called Politically Correct

Read More

General Blogginess

Hello, website visitor. My name is Savannah Rodgers and this is my blog. 

It may seem odd to include a blog component on a personal website. Or, conversely, it may seem perfectly normal. Who knows where you're coming from? Who am I to say what's normal?

Regardless, I wanted to just have something connected to my main website to post updates on my career and happenings in my own life. The more films I make and the more I'm involved with, the more I'll have to talk about. It seems smart to get in the habit of writing things here and posting links to sundry things that involve me. I sometimes write articles and contribute to different websites for different purposes. Maybe someone will write an article about me. Who knows? I just want to have a place for my mom to see it. 

Hi, Mom. I know you're the only one reading this blog.

So, this is my obligatory introductory post. Nice to meet you, website blog. I'll be updating you regularly.