Too many updates

I kind of forgot there was a "blog" section to my website. I should probably update this more, given how I created it to track my own progress and see my development as a filmmaker. It's also for my mom, but I digress.

It's been a crazy few months since I last updated. I'm truly lucky to be able to get as much experience as I have so quickly. I've met a ridiculous amount of insanely talented people. I've also met some like-minded film students who have made collaboration easy. I'm grateful for that. 

So, here are the bullet points of what's new:

  • Politically Correct has gotten to play at about fifteen festivals now. That's fucking dope.
  • In post-production for two of my short films, The Generation Gap and Verna.
  • In pre-production for my next short film, Be Brave. Currently trying to find funding for it and stressing over it a bit, but I'm certain it will be all right no matter what.
  • I've worked on a ton of different people's sets and have gotten to learn from some of the best in Kansas City and elsewhere.
  • Professional Amateur Productions has been able to make some cool content. We worked our asses off all summer to get a few gigs that helped make us better filmmakers and videographers. You can check out the videos on my Vimeo channel.
  • I've started saying "no" more. It's not because I'm above anything - because I'm certainly not. It's just for my own sanity.
  • Still the President of KU Filmworks.
  • Started serving on the Board of Director for both Kansas City Women in Film and Television AND the See/Saw Film Festival.
  • Over the weekend, I a produced a film for Beached Whales Productions called Normal Life is in post-production. We made it for the Colchester Film Festival's 60 Hour Film Challenge. It was an insanely great time, even though all of us were/are tired. It's a hilarious short directed by Joe Carey.
  • Aaaand I'm going to New York on Tuesday for romantic endeavors, NYCC, and quality time with my family.

I have some other things in the works, but I'm keeping them on the back burner until I get my ducks in a row with school, with my current projects in post-production, and with Be Brave.

But first, I think a vacation will help.