General Blogginess

Hello, website visitor. My name is Savannah Rodgers and this is my blog. 

It may seem odd to include a blog component on a personal website. Or, conversely, it may seem perfectly normal. Who knows where you're coming from? Who am I to say what's normal?

Regardless, I wanted to just have something connected to my main website to post updates on my career and happenings in my own life. The more films I make and the more I'm involved with, the more I'll have to talk about. It seems smart to get in the habit of writing things here and posting links to sundry things that involve me. I sometimes write articles and contribute to different websites for different purposes. Maybe someone will write an article about me. Who knows? I just want to have a place for my mom to see it. 

Hi, Mom. I know you're the only one reading this blog.

So, this is my obligatory introductory post. Nice to meet you, website blog. I'll be updating you regularly.