"What's a Nubian?" And Other Concerns

If you catch either part of this blog entry title, you are great. If you don't, you're still great, but you should watch Chasing Amy and read the work of Mindy Kaling. 

Speaking of Chasing Amy, I did this thing.

I'm annoyingly obsessed with this movie - I get it. But, it was cathartic for me to direct this. I tweeted it at Kevin Smith and I got a much coveted "like," but he likes everything tweeted at him. He just seems like a nice guy that wants to make people's days. I'm almost certain he didn't watch it, which is fine. I didn't direct this for any other purposes than a) it was for a class, so I had to b) self satisfaction. I feel proud of this final result.

Gregory Leigh Nielsen, my frequent collaborator and friend, was the first to sign on. He's an actor I met on a short film that never got finished called Greed. In the last year, we've collaborated on seven projects together, including Politically Correct. Jessi Burkette is portraying Alyssa Jones in this scene. We met on the set of Jeremy Osbern and Misti Boland's Courtesan. I was a production assistant and she was the talent. It's always weird meeting actors when you're a PA. For me, I feel like I'll never direct the talent on sets where I meet them as a PA, because that's what they know you as: the PA on that one movie I did a while ago. So, I never thought I'd work with Jessi in an actor/director dynamic. I was pleasantly surprised when she said yes to this. 

They're two of the best actors in Kansas City, if you ask me. The two of them had never met before we shot this, which was an intentional choice. The idea that these two strangers could unload on one another in this way was enticing to the both of them, though I gave them the option to rehearse if they wanted to. Neither one of them wanted to, much to my delight. In terms of direction, the only thing I needed to tell them was to stand closer to each other on camera and to push the aggression even further. This was the last take we did. This was thrown together on no budget and over the course of one week.

It makes me want to write a drama, for once. The whole thing reminds me of why I want to make movies in the first place: to make people feel. I'm perpetually working towards it, but damn. Revisiting this film grounds me in ways I never expect.

Satan Claus

Satan Claus is a comedic micro short we created for a contest. This was fun, but it was also below freezing, so we got out of there ASAP. Also, with the protest signs, I wanted to book it the hell out there. Enjoy this for what it is. 

P.S. This also stars Gregory Leigh Nielsen! It also features Kristin Rea, who was in Politically Correct.